Not commercial finance but its Friday and we need some good news

Good news round-up: Soda-ngerous
As spring begins to slide away and summer emerges, we collate this week’s good news stories. Monday saw Élisabeth Borne appointed prime minister of France. She is the first woman to hold the position in more than 30 years and only the second female prime minister in modern French history. Elsewhere this week, Jake Daniels became the UK’s first active male professional footballer to come out publicly as gay. Daniels said he felt now was the right time to tell his story at the end of a season where he scored more than 30 goals for Blackpool. And the Chelsea Flower Show has banned the use of artificial grass from next week’s show because it goes against its stance against plastic. And finally, this week an alligator broke into a Florida family’s garage and set about necking their Diet Cokes. Jamie Dobson was at home when he heard a crash in his garage. “There was Diet Coke spewing everywhere… the gator was interested, tore open the box, and had a few cans,” said Jamie.
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