Tax Funding


Funding tax

I am always getting asked the question who will provide funding for tax , whether its VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE, I have several lenders who will provide funds for arrears etc.

They  treat tax as a normal business loan request – Accounts, bank statements to review and up to £350,000 facility if the business supports this.

Any term up to 60 months on our standard business loan interest rates

A business can borrow over a longer term, lower monthly repayments and still settle early without penalty.

They don’t need to see the tax bill in most instances. Funds go direct to the client in good faith they settle the tax liability themselves

They can  provide funding for PAYE, Corporate Tax, VAT etc. Can consider all forms and   can provide multi-use funding.

For example, a client can have a £50,000 tax request and want £30,000 for asset purchases/general expansion. They would  consider as £80,000 single facility  and they will  consider clients who are behind on tax payment.  They can’t support tax requests for non-limited businesses.

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